• Welcome to the new CB1300 Forum. Please be sure to read the "Welcome to the new forum" thread in General Spouting. This contains some important information. I hope you enjoy the new site. Steve (The Gremlin) Just so you are aware the new URL for this site is: cb1300.bikersoracle.com

Welcome to the new Forum

The Gremlin

Club Chaos
Staff member
Hi and welcome to the new site!

Thanks for your patience whilst the forums were migrated to the new server and software. The old forum will no longer be used at all, but all the past posts and accounts have been transferred, so you can log into the new site straight away.

The upgrade was necessary for speed and security. We’re now not only on solid-state servers, which are much faster, we are on an entirely new forum software, which has many new features, such as links to social media, better media management and a whole lot more. It won’t be entirely unfamiliar to you, but it may take a while to find the new features and perhaps a few old ones which are in a different place, so please have a look around and if you have any questions do what you do best – give each other some help!

It has been a big challenge making the migration, so focus has been on getting the site up and running fast rather than doing too much in the way of cosmetics and extras. I’m afraid things like smilies will be basic options, but over the coming days, after we have all the sites back up, we’ll start adding extras and making the layout a bit fancier.

During the migration, all accounts were reset to standard user, sorry there was no way around that as the new Sponsorship system is now linked to Paypal rather than the old Worldpay system. If you signed up to Sponsor the site anytime in the last 12 months, please let me know when (wiz@bikersoracle.com) and I’ll make sure that you’re re-upgraded for another 12 months.

The correct address for the site in now http://gs.bikersoracle.com
Whilst the old address will direct you here, it would be good to bookmark the new one.

Here’s to another 15 years!