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Silencer GS 2010


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Hi, I have a 2010 GS with a standard chrome exhaust system. Have they made the silencer louder. I'm sure earlier bikes are quieter.



Club Bard
Thanks. Thought so. I prefer the quieter one.
Are they a straight replacement.
Are any after market ones quieter?
I doubt that this is an easy fix. The twin cam bikes have a valve in the pipe between the cat' and the exhaust can which, I suspect, both works like an ExUp valve, ie it maintains gas flow speed when it's partially closed and also allows for a freer flowing and hence louder exhaust when it's open.

I believe that the different link pipe means that earlier exhaust cans won't fit. Even if they did, I'm not sure that there would be much, if any, difference to the sounds levels.

I suspect it's highly unlikely that any of the aftermarket exhaust cans are better silenced, since most people want a louder exhaust rather than a quieter one.


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I have also heard somewhere that the GSA 10' and up has a low restriction can, hence a louder exhaust? Any truth to that one?


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All I know is my 07 is too quiet and as of tomorrow (hopefully) my new black stainless Beowulf end can with removable baffle will arrive.So I want to hear that great sound :yo: