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RCD aka Tyre pressure sensors.


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We took the opportunity when fitting new tyres over the weekend to attempt to sort something that has been bugging me since buying the bike.
The tyre pressure sensor for the back wheel woulkd read fine for a while and then the orange warning light would come on the dash.
Anyway to cut a long story short,we removed theoriginal batteries and replaced them with Lithium button type CR2032 batteries. All is good again:yo:

Its easy to "dig out" whatever the factory goo is that the batteries sit in,and we refitted them using good old silicone mastic,needless to say giving it 24 hours to go off before using the bike. Anyway a fortune saved rathar than buying new pressure sender units as BMW would have us believe is necessary.:rolleyes: I am rather chuffed.:)


One screw Bob
Very interesting, could be useful if mine go before I replace the bike. Did you have to remove the sensors from the rims or were the batteries accessible with the sensors mounted?