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R1200 GS LC absurd wait for new frame


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Sadly my K50 R1200 GS LC was nicked after some thieving scum smashed steering lock and lifted into a van. The neanderthals then stated chopping and bashing. Luckily I had a tracker so bike was recovered within an hour.
My insurance company have been very good and got on and authorised repairs quickly but I am now being told by BMW UK that there are no frames in Germany AT ALL and that they'll have to go to suppliers which could take weeks.
I'm as much of a fan of BMW as the next guy (have had and still own several) but what HALF WIT designed a frame where a relatively simple theft attempt (bashing the handlebars) means a NEW F******G FRAME!!! Not only is that the case but you'd think given the bike is the most popular in Europe they might plan for the odd theft eventuality - i.e. they might have a few frames hanging about.

I am seriously pi**ed off and unless BMW come back to me shortly and confirm a short delay intend to kick up a hell of a stink. Long stop time is "weeks" - eh?

Does anyone out there think I'm being unreasonable, or indeed does anyone know something I don't, or even have a spare frame lying about.

Before anyone goes off the deep end I'm aware there are VIN transfer issues and that despite a repair on the steering lock being possible the insurance company expect a new frame for safety's sake.

Help/opinions appreciated


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Welcome to our sleepy little forum, Ed.

I think I also saw that you'd posted this on UKGSer. You're quite right but it seems to be the modern way that the ability to produce hardware sometimes exceeds the capacity to maintain it or keep it in service after some kind of mechanical failure or damage.

It's 2 weeks since you posted this so has there been any progress?