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Optimate 4 with R1200 GS LC


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Has anyone out there experience they can share on the use of an Optimate 4 DUAL CANBUS charger with the new R1200 GS LC. I bought one to plug into the aux socket. At first it charged correctly but it sustained the maintenance cycle for only 2-3 days before it showed a red condition light and failed to trigger the CANBUS. I have to leave it for at least 3-4 weeks to discharge without running the bike before it will connect and charge but you can't leave it and forget it as advertised. Anyone else got any experience of this item on this bike?


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Hi Owen and welcome to our sleepy wee forum.

Optimate 4 with a new LC....ahh yes, Sir, they all do that.....:(

It requires a current of c 200mA to keep the CANbus open on the LC so when the battery reaches a fully charged state the Optimate goes into "float" mode and the CANbus closes the circuit.

Apart from connecting the pigtails which you should have got with your charger directly to the battery, the other solution is to buy a new Optimate Goldline....

Personally, I'll be wiring the pigtails directly to my battery in the near future.



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Thank you Schtum,

I wondered if there was a problem. According t my invoice the item I am using is a Goldline Charger, so perhaps they have the problem too. Or have I been sent the wrong one.