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Bmw r80gs

joe pain

New Member
Hey guys and girls just joined up 5 minutes ago and my 1st ? IS WHERE DO I GET A LOW MOUNT MUFFLER FOR MY 81 GS


Club Bard
Low muffler - well now, I'm glad you asked us that....

Hey Joe - where are you goin' with that gun in your hand? You don't have a gun in your hand - how else were you hoping to execute this long shot....? :D

Welcome aboard, Joe. I was initially going to suggest that you might be very lucky to get an answer to that question here since: a) you're in the USA and most of us here are in the UK; b) I can't think of an active member on here who has an airhead, let alone an R80 G/S.

However, having ridden one, back in the day when they were shiny, new and just released to the world, I got to thinking about previous threads I'd posted. Have a look here and let us know if there's anything that floats your boat....


The obvious course of action from there would be to drop a line to the owner of those motorcycles and ask him for advice. However, from looking at the pics, I'm guessing that the mufflers on those are mainly Supertrapp.

In any event, I suspect that the USA is a more fruitful source of parts for ariheads than is the UK. It'd also be remiss of me not to point you at the Airhead Forum over on Adventure Rider which is US based....


Please come back and let us know how you progress the quest for a low muffler and let's see some pics.