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Bmw heated grips failure

I have a 2011 triple black GS with factory fitted heated grips. Both grips have stopped working. Was going to check fuses but I am told the bike has virtual fuses (? Or where the fuse box is if not) and that they may have failed due to battery running low on charge. I was also told that these reset once the problem is fixed. I have recharged the battery but it hasn't fixed the problem.
Only other thing is that they are prone to getting water into the switchgear itself.
Anyone any ideas how I might fix this myself before visiting the menders? Thanks.


One screw Bob
You are right, there are no fuses, the power for these is managed by the CAN bus. To have both grips fail would suggest that the switch for them may be faulty, so this is the first thing I'd check.
If there was a short circuit in one of the grips, or the wiring to them then this may cause the circuit to trip causing both to fail.

Any circuit that is monitored by the CAN bus is self-resetting once the fault is removed. For example, if you plug a heated jacket, that draws more than 5 amps, into the Accessory socket then the CAN bus will switch the socket off (plus the power to the Sat Nav if you are using the provided Sat-Nav socket as they are on the same circuit). The circuit is reset by turning the ignition off, removing the overload, in this example the heated jacket, then switching the ignition back on again.

I think the heated grips are on their own circuit, but if you have added anything electrical to the bike it may be worth disconnecting it to see if it clears the problem.